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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About How KinetikChain Denver Helped Their Sciatica Pain...

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Larry's Story: Overcame sciatica pain

"I'm a non-athletic 67 year old, whose main physical enjoyment is daily walking in parks in the foothills. Last April I came down with what I thought was a bad case of sciatica after a stressful flight to see my late sister in Boston. I found I suddenly had sharp pain on my right side when I went to take my walk, and found I couldn't sleep more than 3 hours because of the pain. Gary explained it really wasn't sciatica, but a combination of weaknesses around my right hip, and that the solution was to strengthen the leg and lower hip muscles.He demonstrated this in a variety of ways, from a circuit of exercises to dry needling. He asked what my longer goals were and I said to take longer walks, and be able to travel for a late honeymoon. I now no longer notice my original symptom, and I've come to believe Gary that my life would significantly improve with greater abdominal and leg strength We're now working on my arm strength, as my other hobby is to play the fiddle and my arm muscles seem to have atrophied somewhat. It helps that Gary has a good sense of humor, and has great skill in being encouraging."

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

David's Story: Overcame sciatica pain

"I came into kinetikchain with severe sciatic pain and I am so glad that I did! My pain came on out of no where and I could find no relief. Within a couple of sessions, my pain became much more manageable and I was able to find relief. I can't say enough about Dr Jamie and Dr Courtney. They spoke to me and treated me in a really open and compassionate way. They made me feel heard as well as always making me feel like I knew what was happening in my body and how I could heal it. I always felt extremely welcomed there. After completing around 10 sessions with them, my Sciatic pain is vey managed and I am on my way to strengthening and supporting my body so that I do not get sciatic pain anymore. Crystal was absolutely fabulous as well and overall, every experience with them was great!"

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Connor's Story: Overcame sciatica pain

I would just like to share my experience here. I went in with a sciatica flare up. I have had one once before and it rendered me pretty much immobile for about a week. With this second flare up, I was in a huge amount of pain and could not stand up or walk very well. I went to Kinetik Chain hoping either for some relief or some advise on stretches I could do. I have never gone to physical therapy before. I had the 'discovery visit' with Jamie. After assessing me, he suggested we go right into a full session which costs $179. He spent the next hour doing various things to me which were fairly painful, but understandable considering my condition. I left there in less pain and able to stand up and walk better. But within 10 minutes of leaving, my back seized up and I was in excruciating pain. I woke up the next morning not being able to use my right leg at all and not being able to stand up straight or walk. I had made a follow up appointment with Jamie a day later in the week. I called them on the phone to cancel that appointment because I didnt think I would be able to even make it there I was so incapacitated. Jamie then advised me to go to urgent care. It has been two weeks since that appointment and I am still in 24 hours pain and can barely walk or stand. This has taken a huge toll on my life and mental health as well. I wish that I would have waited until my back was in better shape before having a full appointment. I am worried the appointment has caused my back more damage than if I had just waited. I also paid for this appointment out of pocket and was told that I would receive a coded invoice to submit to my insurance company, Kinetik Chain still has not sent me this invoice. I have huge regrets going here.

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