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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About KinetikChain Physical Therapy in Denver...

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Alison's Story

"I had physical therapy and personal training sessions with Lauren who does pelvic floor PT. While the physical therapy was pricey, both of these sessions really helped with my pelvic pain! She helped with providing exercises to do at home which I hope will continue to improve my prenatal pelvic issues. Plus, her dog Gio is the cutest and gives free kisses. Highly recommend for any pelvic floor issues you might be dealing with!"

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Sam's Story

"I have been struggling with major lower back pain after car accident for 6 months when I came to KinetikChain. After many X-ray and MRI, every healthcare professional I saw could not give me diagnosis that alleviated any pain. I couldn't fall/stay asleep, and even walking was a difficult task for me. On top of that i had constant UTI symptoms and had difficulty controlling my bladder. As a 26-year-old women with an active lifestyle I was afraid that this pain would be something I would live with forever. After one session with Dr. Lauren, she figured out that most of my pain was caused by a hip misalignment. She was always engaged, asking questions and reassessing my injury every time I came to see her. After 6 sessions in one month she was able to help me create an individualized stretching/ strengthening regimen that I can anywhere at anytime. I feel more like myself that I have since October and have only her thank for it. Thanks to Lauren, I have control of my life again :)"

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