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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Their Experiences With Dry Needling at KinetikChain in Denver!

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Nina's Story: Dry Needling

"Jamie is ONE of a kind!!!!! As a wellness/fitness professional, I have worked with many Physical Therapist and this practice surpasses the “normal” therapy experience! His care and knowledge bring the perfect balance to his approach. After finding issues in my shoulder that i didn’t know i had (apparently i am a master compensator), he applied his master ninja skills and had me fully recovered in 6 sessions! My husband also came for care after a MMA injury. After manual therapy, advanced stretching skills, and dry needling, he had full range of motion after day ONE!!!! He is quickly healing and loves how effective Jamie’s manual techniques are. Last family member, my daughter aspen can in for a single visit with a non-weight bearing ankle sprain. After a gentle and thorough evaluations, she was taped with new technology tape and walked out without pain!!!!!! I trust him with everyone i know!"

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Larry's Story: Dry Needling

"I'm a non-athletic 67 year old, whose main physical enjoyment is daily walking in parks in the foothills. Last April I came down with what I thought was a bad case of sciatica after a stressful flight to see my late sister in Boston. I found I suddenly had sharp pain on my right side when I went to take my walk, and found I couldn't sleep more than 3 hours because of the pain. Gary explained it really wasn't sciatica, but a combination of weaknesses around my right hip, and that the solution was to strengthen the leg and lower hip muscles.He demonstrated this in a variety of ways, from a circuit of exercises to dry needling. He asked what my longer goals were and I said to take longer walks, and be able to travel for a late honeymoon. I now no longer notice my original symptom, and I've come to believe Gary that my life would significantly improve with greater abdominal and leg strength We're now working on my arm strength, as my other hobby is to play the fiddle and my arm muscles seem to have atrophied somewhat. It helps that Gary has a good sense of humor, and has great skill in being encouraging."

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Kelly's Story: Dry Needling

"I’ve been coming to KinetikChain for the past 4 months and have nothing but good things to say about Gary, Crystal, and the entire team here! After an ankle injury in soccer, I was experiencing pain and swelling while walking & standing for long periods of time. Gary created an intentional, individualized plan to help me get back to a pain-free active lifestyle. Within 3 months of regular visits with Gary, including dry needling, stretches, and exercises, I was able to get back running and even finished my first 1/2 marathon! I couldn’t be happier with my experience here and would recommend KinetikChain to anyone looking for PT in the Denver area."

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