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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About How KinetikChain Denver Helped Their Back Pain...

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Jared's Story: Overcame back pain

"I came to KinetikChain after debilitating back pain from trail building. They got to the pain right away by giving me stretches and exercises specific to my goals/activities and built upon them each visit, helping me figure out a handful of different routines for different scenarios. I am doing great now and wouldn't hesitate to go back. My favorite part of working with kinetikchain is the amazing staff who are kind, enthusiastic, patient, and effective, especially Dr. Lauren who’s been amazing since day 1!"

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Brooke's Story: Overcame back pain

"The practitioner at a KinetikChain I've been visiting has been incredibly helpful. Dealing with low back and hamstring pain as a runner, weight lifter, and active sports player has been challenging. The team is highly knowledgeable, swiftly identifying and addressing underlying issues. I genuinely sense their commitment to my success and appreciate their proactive approach. The staff goes the extra mile, ensuring all my questions are answered, and they collaborate weekly to review patient cases as a team. If you've struggled with finding the right physical therapist, consider this your sign – they might be the right fit! I'm still in care, but I've already experienced significant improvements and feel confident about my progress with this group."

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Connor's Story: Overcame back pain

"Highly recommend! As someone who's been dealing with back pain for the better part of my adult life, this is the best PT I have experienced so far. Gary is extremely knowledgable and gets to the root of the cause for all my issues. I went in for back pain and leg numbness and I've already seen significant improvement. I also saw Sam for Fascial Stretch Therapy and that was great as well. I enjoy how they address my issues with multiple different techniques such as stretching, massage, dry needling, etc. They all really know their stuff and I'm looking forward to all my future visits!"

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