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Recently there has been an increase in businesses advertising stretching.  Many people will ask us if we are like StretchLab, StretchZone or others assisted stretching businesses or practitioners. 

The manual therapy that we do as part of a fascial stretch therapy session is likely a very different experience from what you have experienced before. First and foremost, a fascial therapist should be able to Body-Read exactly what needs to be done for treatment.  Especially if there are current pains and injuries happening within your body 

In Fascial Stretch, manipulation in the tissue helps move structure around for the body to more efficiently move throughout the world. 

Lastly, there is a lot of interaction with your nervous system, calming down the body to help work through chronic pains.


Skilled fascial stretch therapists have been trained to read how the body is stacked on itself AKA posture.  Unfortunately, society has deviated from hunting/gathering and have stopped moving throughout the world with a flawless connection to the body.  We train in specific ways, get influenced from our surroundings, and have to live life with injuries.  Our bodies are smart and come up with strategies to move around.  However, a small change, like walking on our fore-foot if we have heel pain, will change the tissue in our entire bodies.  With body reading, posture is assessed and a therapist can know exactly what needs to be worked on.  Alternatively, just stretching all parts of the body (specifically left to right) equally can be counter-productive to treatment as it is not addressing asymmetries. 

Interaction with your Nervous System

We are heavily influenced by our external world, which changes our internal experience.  Trusting another person to move your body around is not the easiest thing to do.  With this, the body will often subconsciously seize up when trying to be manipulated. Over-stretching when this is occurring is counter-productive and can cause adverse reactions.  The creators of fascial stretch therapy are professional “fascia dancers” and use a lot of rhythmic techniques to get the body comfortable and feel safe being moved in positions that it can go, but may be too hesitant to attempt. The slow, communicative, and rhythmic nature of fascial stretch therapy soothes the body and creates a deeper level of safety with the body experiencing it.  More authentic treatment is then able to be given.

Pains and Injuries

In the busy world these days, we often throw around the phrase “no pain, no gain”.  Within physical treatment there are few times that may be applicable, but often pain needs to be monitored, avoided, or used as a guide to find correct treatment.  The number one thing learned in fascial stretch therapy is to avoid pain.  Perhaps a certain position, stretch, or maneuver of soft tissue needs to happen, but a fascial stretch therapist will take you to the edge, provide some techniques and circle around the pain.  Assisted stretching facilities don’t always have the tools to navigate pain and can hurt rather than help a lot of ailments.

Moving Structure for Efficient Living

Many chronic pains come about from inefficiencies in other places in the body.  For example, if a lot of weight is being supported on the right side of the body, due to where the body is in space, then lifting overhead with your left arm may cause pain since there isn’t enough base support on the left side of the body. With the previously mentioned body-reading techniques, this left shoulder pain can be alleviated if a therapist can move the structure in your body to better support the weight on the left side.  
Simply put, the root cause of chronic pain often lies somewhere else in the body.   A fascial therapist works to move fascia around to better support the body. Stretching is great for blood flow, increased range of motion, and keeping muscles healthy.  Fascial Stretch Therapy supports all of those benefits but the main goal lies in more efficient posture.

What Is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a unique method of assisted stretching that focuses on the joint capsule, fascia, and stretching not only muscles but whole body regions. By focusing on more than just the muscles we are able to help you achieve optimal flexibility, sports performance, strength, relaxation, and we are the only Doctors in Colorado who can use this technique to help you achieve pain relief.

FST will help you to find ultimate relaxation, athleticism, and mobility. This gentle and pain free therapy will help you to identify secret areas of tightness you didn’t even know about while allowing us to address them so you can move and feel better.

While originally designed for athletes FST is an amazing tool to help athletes recover form tough workouts/games/competitions as well as works perfectly for anyone who wants to move as well as possible, improve their mobility, or just feel a little looser and more relaxed.

Unlike massage or other stretching techniques FST addresses the multiple systems ( joint capsule, lines of muscle, multiple fascial lines) to improve mobility and make you simultaneously feel relaxed and ready to move at the same time.

Experience Fascial Stretch Therapy at KinetikChain Denver

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a dynamic, pain-free method that targets the connective tissue surrounding muscles, joints, and nerves. At KinetikChain Denver, our skilled therapists tailor each session to your unique needs, promoting improved flexibility and reduced discomfort. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance performance or seeking relief from daily tension, FST can be a transformative experience.

Book your Fascial Stretch Therapy session at KinetikChain Denver today. Inquire about availability, pricing, or any questions you may have using the button below.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About KinetikChain Physical Therapy in Denver CO...

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Scott: Ski Accident

Michael M.

review stars testimonials
“I’ve been dealing with a flair-up of low back problems and didn’t want to go my normal chiropractic route this time. Instead I decided to get some treatment from Kinetikchain. I received a fascial stretch therapy session from Sam and it was very informative. I learned about my problem areas that need to be addressed in order to alleviate and prevent the reoccurrence of my lower back issues. I will definitely be continuing treatment with Sam.”

Paul S.

review stars testimonials
“I’ve been getting fascial stretch therapy from Sam the last couple months. I have had hip issues that needed to be addressed. He’s helped me significantly improve my hip mobility with our sessions. His suggestions for solo stretches to do at home has also helped. He communicates well and is very responsive to feedback during the season.”

Dana G.

review stars testimonials
“I have fibromyalgia and was finding that stretching on my own was actually increasing my level of nerve pain. Sam H. was extremely knowledgeable and introduced me to fascia work! It helps the nervous system which is directly related to my condition. The fascia work that Sam did showed my body that it can safely go through a range of motions that I was previously not able to achieve — and with zero nerve pain afterwards! His insight helped me realize not only the physical aspects of my condition but also how mental health and stress influence my nervous system and pain levels. I’m so grateful for my experience and feel more confident in my body.”

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