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Dr. Gary Schneider​​

Physical Therapist​

Gary schnieder

Why do you work here?

“Working at KinetikChain allows me the time and support needed to give patients all of the treatment, information, and overall resources that they deserve when trying to overcome injury and/or return to activities. Treating pain is so much more complex than just pushing a few buttons, and treating each person in front of me as an unique individual is the best way to get people to return to their activities as fast as possible. I am not satisfied unless I am providing a service that is absolutely top notch, and KinetikChain allows me to do just that.“

Gary believes that people should intentionally spend the majority of their time doing things that they love. When people can’t run, bike, lift weights, hike, play sports, ski, or etc, it really impacts peoples’ lives, and Gary understands this on a personal level. When he is not treating patients or working out at his CrossFit gym, Gary spends as much time as he can doing outdoor activities (hiking, skiing, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, disc golf, and more), and when he can’t, his mood changes (just ask his fiance). For this reason, he has a strong passion for helping others continue their activities as best they can. And this is why he has spent so much time and effort advancing his clinical expertise by studying for and passing the rigorous exam required to be a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, as well as taking the multiple courses required to be Manual Therapy Certified. He has also learned advanced skills like dry needling and joint manipulation techniques, and has extensive education specific to treating fitness athletes (CrossFitters, weight lifters, endurance athletes). With this advanced skill set, he excels in helping Coloradans return to and keep participating in their activity of choice.

Gary is originally from Texas, went to the University of Texas at Austin where he earned his Bachelor of Science, then transitioned to Texas State University for his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. After spending a few years in Charlotte, North Carolina, he and his fiance transitioned to Denver as the natural fit for the desired active outdoor lifestyle they love. Gary thrives each day to improve the lives of those around him, in the clinic and out!

Additional certifications include:

Orthopedic Certified Specialist

Certified Manual Therapist

Hear What Other People Have to Say About Dr. Gary's Exceptional Care

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Dave Cook:
Overcame sports-injury pain.

"I have been very impressed with Dr. Gary and his team at KinetikChain! When you walk in, their super friendly staff immediately greets you and gets you checked in. Their office is very clean and inviting as well. Dr. Gary is great and he takes the time to explain everything to you and gives you a great plan for treatment. Everything has been great and I highly recommend you check them out!"

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Connor L:
Overcame back pain.

"Highly recommend! As someone who's been dealing with back pain for the better part of my adult life, this is the best PT I have experienced so far. Gary is extremely knowledgable and gets to the root of the cause for all my issues. I went in for back pain and leg numbness and I've already seen significant improvement. I also saw Sam for Fascial Stretch Therapy and that was great as well. I enjoy how they address my issues with multiple different techniques such as stretching, massage, dry needling, etc. They all really know their stuff and I'm looking forward to all my future visits!"

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Megan R:
Overcame back pain.

"I came back in 2022 with severe lower back pain and started working with Gary. I could not sit for more than about 10 minutes before experiencing pain in my lower back and hips. Gary knew exactly what to do to fix my problem. The combination of dry needling, stretching, and at-home exercises has made a drastic improvement in my quality of life. Now that my back pain is under control, I joined the optimal health club and come back every month to address issues as they come up and work on building strength to prevent further injuries. Everyone in the clinic is so positive and welcoming. I always look forward to my monthly visits!"

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