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Crystal Turner

Client Experience Chauffeur


Why Do You Work Here?

“Working here is like a breath of fresh air in the polluted medical/insurance world. Growing up I was always in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices. My mother was sickly and no one knew what was wrong for a long time. My mother was eventually diagnosed with a very rare lung disease. This is where I got an insider’s glimpse into the world of our current medical system and insurance.”

Our insurance dominated what my mother was and wasn’t allowed for treatment. We couldn’t get the care that she desperately needed because we didn’t have the “right” insurance (whatever that means) and because of her condition no other insurance company would cover her. This forced her to take experimental drugs and she was treated like a lab rat. We eventually lost her, but this gave me insight as to who really controls the medical field. Don’t get me wrong, we did come across some really great doctors who truly cared about their patients, but their hands were tied when it came to actual treatment. I believe that healthcare should be held to a higher standard and should treat people like individuals (not just another number), and shouldn’t be held back by what insurance coverage they have (if any). This is why I work at KinetikChain Denver. I enjoy being part of a team that shares the same core values that I do. We believe that physical therapy is a natural/non-invasive way to help people get out of pain, reach physical goals, and stay away from unnecessary surgeries and medication. Above all, we do not let anyone (insurance companies, hospitals, some guy sitting at a desk 1,000 miles away, etc.) dictate how we treat our patients. We are passionate about giving each individual the care that they need, and I am privileged to be a part of this great team!!”

Crystal Turner is the first friendly voice you hear when you call and the first face you see when you walk into our clinic. She is the first person who helps to guide guide you through our process in order to achieve the quickest recovery possible so you can stay active and live the life you deserve.

Crystal has a thick background helping people make difficult decisions. While getting her degree in Business Management and Hospitality and Tourism in Charleston SC she always knew she had to find a career where she could use her outgoing personality and internal desire to help people. Crystal started in the restaurant industry where she moved up the ladder very quickly and while this satisfied her desire to make people happy temporarily, it wasn’t the perfect long-term career for her. When she decided to move in a different direction she knew that she still had that urge to help people, but wasn’t sure how she could use her skills to do that… Until she found the KinetikChain Denver.

Now, Crystal is our top client experience chauffeur. She uses her skills to listen to your needs and make your journey to a better, healthy, pain-free life as simple and easy as possible. She works hand in hand with our physical therapists to ensure our patients have the best care and plan in place to ensure a speedy recovery. Crystal is passionate about making visits that fit into our clients busy schedules and to make the overall experience as wonderful as possible. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family and friends, yoga, hiking, traveling, and exploring CO. She loves to see people smile, and that is her goal with every visit. — However–old habits die hard– she still loves serving people, so she will still offer to make you a cup of coffee or tea when you come into our facility. She can’t help herself!

What Other People Are Saying About KinetikChain Physical Therapy​​ in Denver

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Ali D:
Overcame sports-injury pain.

“I couldn’t have had a better experience working with Jamie. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his space, but he’s a pleasure to work with. I recall walking into our first session in severe pain, and walking out not only feeling better but laughing and smiling. He’s a fantastic therapist who’s skilled in his trade and understands how to make his patients feel heard and understand their path to recovery. I never left a session without a full understanding of what steps we were taking together (between therapy and my solo work) to remedy my issues. I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone struggling with chronic or sports-injury related pain.”

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Dee D:
Overcame back pain.

“I had a very frustrating pain in my middle back whenever I squatted or dead lifted. It make me nervous to lift and the pain was all I was concentrated on. After seeing TWO other people to try and get rid of it I finally found Jaime. And he was so great to work with. Asked a lot of questions in order to really figure out the best way to go about it. I think I had 5-6 sessions with him (might have been a little more) and after some direction and some work I finally was pain free. I have been pain free since and no even a hint of it has come back. Jaime is GREAT and I am so glad I came to him.”

4 review stars testimonials 768x152

Brooke O:
Overcame sports-injury pain.

“Jamie continues to push the needle further in the care he provides for his clients. When I think of the perfect spot to feel like you are in the RIGHT hands, I think of Jamie. He’s thorough, knowledgable, professional and most of all, CARING & UNDERSTANDING, which is hard to come by these days. He takes the time to listen to you, gives you his full attention, one-on-one time dedicated to just YOU, listens what you want to get out of PT, and drives a solid collaborative plan that suites your abilities to get you there. As a physical therapist myself, I would NEVER hesitate to call up Jamie to help out with a client, nonetheless help me when I need it, too! If you have the tiniest bit of a doubt going to see Jamie, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed seeing him for your injury concerns!​”

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