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What Is Physical Therapy And How Can It Help Me?

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Many of our patients step into our clinic and do not have any idea as to what physical therapy truly is. They understand its usefulness after surgery or a serious injury but how can it help “my” pain. Yes, we definitely treat post-surgical patients, but physical therapy has many different avenues. We will be here for you after a severe injury, but what about before? Have you thought about what it would be like to prevent an injury before it even happens. 

​While Physical Therapy is the standard option after any kind of serious injury or surgery, imagine getting ahead of it in advance. This does not mean that you would never require surgery, but studies have proven that pre-physical therapy (prehab) leads to a better recovery post surgery. There is typically a quicker rehab time because you are going in stronger and understand what to expect from PT. 

Aside from surgery, physical therapy can be used to maintain strength or improve to prevent a severe injury. We work with many active adults to keep them active in their favorite sport or hobby. You don’t need to wait until you’re in pain to seek out physical therapy. Some patients require more mobility in their joints, stability in certain muscle groups, and work on technique and form with their workouts. 

What does a typical session look like?
This depends on what symptoms you are experiencing and what the physical therapist gives as a diagnosis. We offer a FREE 30 minute Discovery Visit to ensure that you have all of your questions answered and it allows us to give you an accurate diagnosis so we can develop an appropriate plan of care. Our clinic has a very hands on approach that involves us getting your joints moving better through YOUR range of motion, and helps you build strength and support to complete the activities you love.

How do you know if therapy is for you?
For the most part, therapy can help anyone. We treat people of all ages with all different backgrounds and diagnoses. We treat people that don’t necessarily have pain but want to get even better at their sport of activity. They want to be more mobile, strong, and stable to push them farther and help prevent injuries along the way. We have also helped hundreds of patients prevent a surgery. Many that have come to us have been able to achieve their goals without pain, avoiding any types of injections and surgery. 

How long will it take?
This is a tricky question because every person and injury is different. Some respond quickly to therapy and it may only take a few sessions, others may experience re-injury along the way or complications that delay the process a few weeks. Physical therapy is now meant to be a quick fix. We follow the whole anatomy and functional movement of the body. For example, someone may come in with knee pain but after examination be diagnosed with something stemming in the hip. This happens frequently in the clinic. This will mean we have to decrease the pain in the knee first, but then move on quickly to address the issues up the chain causing the pain. The best way to know exactly how long PT will take is to come in and get a FREE assessment.

If you want to get active again, move better, or even just be able to get through the day without pain then please consider scheduling a free 20 min phone call to see if we can help. Click the button below to schedule your free call and start getting relief today.

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We Help People In Denver Quickly Recover From Pain Or Injury So They Can Stay Active In Their Favorite Sport/Hobby, Continue Exercising, And Get Back To What They Love To Do.


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