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The Two Most Valuable Things In Life

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There are really only two valuable things in life.  I’m not saying that other things aren’t valuable to you, I’m just saying that two things matter more than others and will affect all of the other aspects of your life.  What are those two things? Your health and your time.  Without those two things your enjoyment of life will suffer.  When people are on their deathbed what two things are commonly regretted?  That they didn’t take better care of themselves and that they didn’t have more time to spend with their family/friends.  Both of these items are related.  If you take good care of your health not only will you have more time on earth, but you will have be able to enjoy that time more intensely. 

People often tell me that they wished they had taken better care of themselves when they were injured years ago, but they didn’t want to spend the money and then the injury became worse until they eventually had to do something about it. 

The ironic thing is by waiting they typically end up spending 10x what they would have spent. While it is difficult to spend money on your health try to think of the costs you could be spending down the road.  You either spend the money on yourself now and enjoy your health and make better use of your time or you end up paying more later and suffer through your health and don’t enjoy your time. 

Either way you pay, but the difference is feeling great in between now and whatever later date your health or injury revolts on you.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure right. 

By improving people’s health and function we often give time back to them.  As they can move pain free all of the sudden it doesn’t take so long to rake the yard or the hike with the kids only takes an amazing 3 hours instead of the painful 4.  It is often amazing how much pain slows you down and you don’t even know it until you get that time back. 

Another example is with decreased doctor visits.  When you finally are healthy you don’t need to go visit the doctor for the aches and pains that are no longer there.

By improving your health and improving what you can do with your time you can change your life and feel great while doing so.  There shouldn’t be any limits on your what you want to do with your body and in your life.  If you are suffering with pain or movement problems please consider downloading some of our helpful e books (under pain help now drop down menu) or consider requesting us to give you a free 20 min phone call to give you some answers to help you get back to everything you need, want, and love to do. 

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