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The Top 3 Reasons Your Swing Gives You Back Pain

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The Top 3 Reasons Your Swing Gives You Back Pain
Lower back pain is the number one complaint of golfer’s in terms of pain. It can keep you from shaving strokes off your game and potentially set you out a whole season. The good news is there is a reason for this back pain and there is a fix. This post will discuss the reasons as to how your swing can cause low back pain and how a few simple changes can provide relief.There are several ways in which the back can become injured, however golf in itself can be the cause. You see it all the time when you’re at the golf course; you see someone tee off and immediately grab their back. There is a possibility this could ever be you. There is no reason to suffer through that pain/tightness/stiffness when there is a solution. Don’t let your back pain drive a wedge between you and the first tee. 

Common Cause of Low Back Pain

  1. Coming over the top of the shot (using all arms): This is a common mistake that golfers can make that puts a lot of added stress to the low back. When you are at the top of your swing you tend to move first with your arms rather than start the downswing with your hips. This causes your lower back to “get stuck” and all of the force comes from the upper body. This is better known as the wood-chop.
  2. Take away: Similar to the first point, it is important to use the lower body in the take away at the beginning of the swing. This means that opening your hips slightly (NOT sliding) while you take the club away can allow more equality between the upper body and lower body. This first part in the swing is vital to set up the downswing. A cool tip to help ensure you are accomplishing this is grab an alignment stick and hold it along side your club. Place the edge of the stick in your belly button and try to keep the line as you start back. 
  3. No warm-up routine: Most of us just pull right up to the first tee with no previous stretching or mobility routine. When our bodies are stiff and cold it is much easier to pull a muscle. It is important to develop a routine for the upper body, lower body, and trunk to ensure that you are prepared for the first shot. Hitting the driving range before is a good idea to get used to the weight or the different clubs and allow your body time to adjust.

Putting a Plan Into Action
Although these tips are a great start to recognizing how your swing can attribute to your back pain, it is important to make sure that you see a professional who can make a proper diagnosis. A physical therapist will help you determine your exact issue; we will treat the root cause, thereby getting you back to the well-known path in no time. We want to see you golfing again, and it is our goal to make that happen.
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