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Shin Splints Becoming a Pain?

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This is something we treat daily in the clinic and is a common complaint/injury with runners, but you do not have to run to have a diagnosis of shin splints. First things first, what are shin splints? Shin splints refers to pain over the shin bone (tibia). This pain stems from overuse of the muscles/tendons. This diagnosis is typically due to increased training regimens without proper guidance. 

  • Pain over the tibia
  • ​​pain/achiness during activity (progressively worsens)

There are several causes to shin splints. The most common cause, as stated above, is increasing activity (too much too fast). This can be increasing mileage, speed (cadence), intensity, etc. It can also occur from improper footwear or gait patterns. Any kind of malalignment in the leg i.e. tibial torsion can lead to shin splints as well. 


  • Some semi-quick fixes are orthotics for you shoes or get fitted for proper shoes
  • ice/contrast bath
  • Modify your activity
  • Strengthening specific muscle 

The best treatment is going to come from a proper diagnosis. This can come from a Physician or Physical Therapist. It is important to find the root cause of why you have shin splints in order to give the appropriate plan of care. Typically there are several things addressed to get back to 100%. We will look at the joints, muscles, tendons, form, technique, etc. The important thing to note is shin splints do not typically get better if you let them go so it is vital to get a good assessment from a professional. 
If you think that you’re suffering from a running injury, you’re feeling fed-up with below-par morning training routines, and/or you’re just sick and tired of waiting for the pain to disappear, then we urge you to contact us today. A physical therapist will help you determine your exact issue; we will treat the root cause, thereby getting you back to the well-known path in no time. We want to see you running again, and it is our goal to make that happen.

Still not convinced? That’s ok! We understand that it might be difficult to come in and see a physical therapist, and that’s why we’re offering a free, discovery visit. Yes, that’s right. In our non-obligatory, entirely complimentary discovery visit, we’ll answer all your questions, relieve the pain, and give you peace of mind. You’ve got nothing to lose! Ask about our free discovery visit, right now. 
We can get you back on the trail in no time – contact us today! 
We really want you to take action so you can get back to running the way you deserve as fast as possible.  The longer you wait the longer it will take to get you running effortlessly and pain free again.  However, if you want just a little bit more free information before you decide please consider downloading our Free Ebook “7 Tips We Give Colorado’s Top Runners to Reduce Running Pain” by clicking on the image below.  


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