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Why Do I Have Sharp Neck Pain When Turning My Head?

Man With Neck Pain When Driving

If you’re suffering from shooting, sharp neck pain when turning your head, it can leave you worrying whether it’s something really serious…

This might be affecting you when you drive, or ride your bike.

It could be annoying you when you play tennis or golf.

It could even be impacting you when looking around the table when you’re having dinner with your family.

Neck pain can be a big problem, and if you’re struggling with neck pain when moving your head, you might have resorted to adjusting how you move in daily life.

Instead of simply turning your head freely, you end up rotating your entire upper body so your neck doesn’t need to turn as much.

But that’s not really a solution… wouldn’t you rather fix your neck pain, and get back to living your life without the constant fear and anxiety over agonizing pain?

Of course!

In the blog, you can discover the usual causes of sharp, shooting neck pain, a common exercise to avoid, and what to do for fast, natural relief.

What’s The Difference Between A Sharp Pain In Your Neck Versus A Dull Ache In Your Neck?

A dull ache in your neck usually indicates that a muscle in your neck is strained or tight. This could have happened because of an awkward sleeping position, poor posture, or sudden movement.

Whereas a sharp pain in your neck usually indicates a pinched nerve or a herniated disc. A sudden, sharp pain when turning your head can also indicate an injury to the muscles or ligaments in the neck after a more severe incident (such as whiplash after a car accident).

The sharp type of neck pain is usually more severe, and also very localized to a specific part of the neck. Whereas, dull neck pain tends to cover a larger area in your neck, and may even be present in your shoulders or upper back.

It’s possible to have a combination of both, so you may have a dull, constant ache, and then experience a sharp, shooting pain in your neck when you turn your head, look up, or tilt your head down.

Avoid This Common Exercise For Neck Pain

If your neck is hurting, you may have already tried exercises to try and stretch the muscles and loosen up your neck if it’s feeling stiff.

The problem is that there is one common neck exercise that people usually try, which can actually make your neck pain much worse.

With all exercises, it depends on your specific injury or condition as to whether it’s a “good” or a “bad” exercise, but this particular one is typically poor for neck pain sufferers. 

So what’s the exercise?

It’s a neck circle, which as you may have guessed from the name, is an exercise where you move your neck in a circle, going from looking down, to the right, up high, to the left, and then returning to the starting position.

This can actually lead to more compression on the nerves in the neck and can lead to more pain and discomfort.

What To Do If You Have A Sharp Pain In Your Neck

If you have any sharp pains (not just in your neck), this could be a sign that something is seriously wrong.

We appreciate that this may be a very scary time, and while you want to get out of pain fast, you also want reassurance from an expert that it’s nothing too serious.

So speak to our expert physical therapy team who have worked with thousands of people suffering from neck pain.

We can give you clarity, and help you understand what is happening with your neck pain.

Don’t try and ignore it because this just leads to needless suffering, and also means you often spend a lot of time worrying and going through terrifying scenarios in your head about what it could be.

To find out why your neck is hurting so much, and how to stop it quickly, arrange a Free Neck Pain Assessment by clicking the link below or call us on (720) 651-0674.

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