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Preventing At Home Workout Injuries

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Since Covid-19, many of our patients have started working out at home which has caused more injuries. Why is this the case? The short end of this is doing too much too fast after doing too little for too long! For those of you who are used to going to the gym or having personal trainers coaching you step-by-step, now you are all on your own. You now have to rely on yourself for proper form, warm-up, cool down, etc. Several of our patients have completely switched their workout routines entirely; going from heavy lifting to running. All of the above can cause injury and make it difficult to return to your favorite sport or activity.Continuing to workout at home: If you have decided that you are NOT returning to the gym here are some pointers to help prevent pain and injury at home.

  • Warm-up/stretch like normal (no matter what your activity is)

Whether you are going for a run, practicing yoga, or lifting weights make sure that you develop some type of warm up so your body and mind can prepare for the appropriate activity. Make sure that you are stretching the affiliated areas that will be utilized during the workout. Mobility is always great to add before and, or after a workout to help keep your joints loose!

  • Ease into an activity if it is new to you

If you have decided that you are going to start running but have not in several months/years, make sure that you take it easy at the beginning. There is no need to go out day one with a goal of running five miles. Start slow and listen to your body. Set goals for yourself that are achievable and allow the appropriate time to allow your body to adapt. 

  • Rest days are important

When we talk about rest it DOES NOT mean sit on the couch and eat potato chips. Rest is important for the body because it allows your muscles to rebuild…that’s right, a rest day will increase your strength! You can go for a walk, light hike, ride your bike around the block, stretch, etc. All of those activities are lighter on the body and will give it the juice it needs to elevate you to the next level.
If this sounds like you, and you’re currently feeling a little low, then it’s time to take action. The best thing you can do, right now, is to contact a professional, hands-on physical therapist. Physical therapy does so much more than mask the pain: with a hands-on physical therapist, you will receive a permanent solution to your problem. By treating the root cause of the discomfort, thereby treating the injury itself, physical therapy allows you to get back to your workout without the stress of a looking, recurring, debilitating injury. Moreover, physical therapy gives you the tools to maintain a pain-free lifestyle via tailor-made exercises designed to target your particular issue. Physical therapy allows you to get back to your favorite activity while feeling healthier, fitter, and more enthusiastic than ever before. In addition, a physical therapist will also:

  •  Eliminate your pain.
  • Increase your range of motion.
  • ​Increase your flexibility and strength.
  • Help you choose proper footwear and help you with your technique thereby giving you tools to avoid another injury.
  • ​​Give your invaluable advice on how to stay hydrated, how to keep good posture, how to correct your muscle imbalances, and how to maintain a pain-free exercise routine.

If you think that you’re suffering from an injury, you’re feeling fed-up with below-par morning training routines, and/or you’re just sick and tired of waiting for the pain to disappear, then we urge you to contact us today. A physical therapist will help you determine your exact issue; we will treat the root cause, thereby getting you back to the well-known path in no time. We want to see you running again, and it is our goal to make that happen.

Still not convinced? That’s ok! We understand that it might be difficult to come in and see a physical therapist, and that’s why we’re offering a free, discovery visit. Yes, that’s right. In our non-obligatory, entirely complimentary discovery visit, we’ll answer all your questions, relieve the pain, and give you peace of mind. You’ve got nothing to lose! Ask about our free discovery visit, right now.

We can get you back on the trail in no time – contact us today! 

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