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How to Stop Hip Pain From Being a Pain in the Butt

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What is hip pain?

This seems like an easy one, but what constitutes “the hip”? Go ahead and point to your hip – it’s ok, I’ll wait.

If you pointed to the side of your body where your back meets your leg, you’re right. If you pointed to the back of your body, right below where people get those “butt dimples” you’re also right. If you pointed to the front of your body, in the line of your groin, where your leg meets your abs, you’re right again. 

And guess what.  Pain can be caused by all of those areas.

What can be done for those areas causing pain? To tPain in the hip can easily be reversed, but understanding the hip can help us to understand the importance of getting some help and not just trying to “wait and see” or try some YouTube exercises.. 

The hip joint is made up of two parts – the femur, and the acetabulum (which is also part of your pelvis). The head of the femur, which is round, sits inside the acetabulum, which is shaped somewhat like a deep rounded cup. The way the bones fit together helps make that joint stable, as well as the fact that there are ligaments and a capsule around those two bones, and muscles surrounding that. Hip pain can be in the front, back, or side, because there can be an issue in any of the muscles and tendons, ligaments, bones, or nerves corresponding to those areas.

How do I know if my hips are a problem?

A lot of people find that hip discomfort creeps up on them slowly, and many people chalk up the stiffness and discomfort to age, seeing it as an inevitable part of passing years. If you have increasing stiffness, especially in the morning or after sitting for a long time, if you can’t get to the same depth in your squats, if you have pain in the top of your butt with certain activities, if you have trouble putting on your shoes, or getting into that pose in yoga, it’s time to get that looked at.

We have a saying.  You don’t get old and stiff, you get stiff then old.  Help us to help you get back to living an active lifestyle. 

“But My hips are bone on bone – is surgery my only option?”

Losing space in your joints is a normal part of aging – it’s a bit like going grey. It’s a change that comes with age, but doesn’t, by itself, cause pain. A lot of people, including 20 year olds have significant arthritis that shows up on x-rays but can be completely pain free. At KinetikChain Denver we help people all the time who have bone on bone in their hips get back to all of the hiking, lifting, and yoga they want. 

This year alone we have helped 35 people who were told they were bone on bone and nothing could be done, get back to their goals which included: skiing, crossfit, ballet, lifting weights, running, yoga, hiking, basketball, HIIT workouts, and just regular walks for exercise, fun with friends, mental clarity, and just to get around.

If you want more information and actionable tips please take this Free Ebook “The 5 Ways To Ease Hip Pain” and Help You Get Back To Moving Pain Free by clicking on the image below.

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