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How to Get Rid of Terror Wrists and Fire Arms (wrist, elbow, and shoulder problems)

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You know that sort of antsy feeling you get when you’re at yoga and doing downward dog for too long? What about when you’re in your orange theory or CrossFit class doing push-ups or burpees? I’m talking about that feeling that has you shifting your weight from one arm to the other, counting down the seconds until you can get out of that position.  Read on to find out what you can do about it. 
Question: What do downward dog, push-ups, and burpees all have in common? 

Answer: Wrist pain makes them all intensely frustrating and effects your performance. 

Whether you are trying to get zen or get jacked, having your workouts hijacked by wrist pain and stiffness is the worst. It is so frustrating to have to modify every workout involving pressing (or pulling) movements, solely because of wrist pain/stiffness. It’s aggravating to have to drop things all day after a workout heavy on burpees or pushups or to not be able to give it your all during the next workout due to some nagging wrist issue(s). 

Ever had tingling in your hands? The wrist is often the scapegoat for tingling hands, but that particular torturous event can actually be originating from anywhere from your wrist, your shoulder, or your neck, and if you focus only on the victim (your hand symptoms) instead of the culprit (your wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, or neck) you’ll continue to be frustrated by lack of progress. 

At KinetikChain we hear a lot of people talk about wrist pain like they just have to live with it, not knowing that there are plenty of things that can be done to help. 

Question: What are some quick easy ways that I can do to decrease my wrist pain and get me back to downward dog, hand stands, pushups, or burpees? 

Answer 1. Pad the surface – if you’re already on a yoga mat, try doubling them up for more cushion

Answer 2. Make a fist – if your problem is during pushups, you can do pushups on your fist, giving your wrists more support. 

Answer 3. For a long term solution Click the green box below to take advantage of a Free 20 minute discovery visit at KinetikChain so we can help you get to the root of your wrist pain and get you back in control of all aspects of your day, your life, and your workout.

PS-Depending on when you are reading this we may have a wrist/elbow seminar coming up that could help you.  Email us at to find out when our next seminar is.  

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