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Does Running On A Treadmill Lead To Less Running Injuries?

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If you’re a runner, do you think it’s better to run inside on a treadmill, or outdoors?

And does one method lead to fewer running injuries than the other?

This is quite a polarizing topic, with die-hard indoor runners and outdoor runners debating this for a long time without ever agreeing.

While there are pros and cons for both, do either of them have an edge when it comes to injuries?

Why People Love Indoor Running

Indoor runners prefer treadmills to the great outdoors for a number of reasons.

Firstly, running indoors means you aren’t vulnerable to the elements – whether that’s lashing rain, slippery ice underneath your feet, or blazing sunshine in summer – and this makes indoor running more comfortable and convenient.

Secondly, running indoors is safer with no traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, or unruly dogs to contend with.

Finally, running indoors allows you a lot of control over your terrain where you are able to adjust the gradient of your runs with the push of a few buttons. If you like to do runs with changing gradients, it can be hard to find an outdoor route that does this.

Why People Love Outdoor Running

Running outdoors has its benefits too though.

To start with, you get a good dose of vitamin D, fresh air, and get outdoors which can give you a huge mental, as well as physical boost.

Another bonus of outdoor running is the variety. Staring at a treadmill screen, TV, or the rest of the gym can get boring, whereas the outdoors is much easier to mix up – with exploring new routes, and seeing nature change throughout the seasons.

Running can also be a great way to socialize too, and outdoor running can allow you to do that – with local running groups popular in most areas, this can turn exercise into a fun, social event too.

But Is Indoor Running Safer Than Outdoor Running?

It can be, yes.

Running on a treadmill has an advantage over outdoor running as a treadmill has a consistently flat, stable surface.

This can reduce the chance of slips, trips, and injuries like an ankle sprain.

If you’re recovering from an injury, or you struggle with balance and coordination, outdoor running might prove too risky.

Whereas, a treadmill can be a safer way to get your heart rate up while feeling confident as you run.

Don’t Ignore The Benefits Of Outdoor Running

But before we chalk the win to indoor running, it’s important to remember that outdoor running can lead to stronger ankles, knees, and joints than indoor running over time.

The changes in surface outdoors challenge the stabilizing muscles that support your joints which can build strength and make you less susceptible to future injuries.

So, outdoor running can be just as good for you as indoor running, but you need to consider your own preferences and circumstances.

Run Faster, Longer, And Without Pain

If you’re getting back to running after a lazy winter, or an injury that’s made it too painful to hit the treadmill or your favorite running routes, our expert team can help.

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Whichever camp you fall in, we appreciate running plays an important role in your life and you want to be able to run without pain and feel proud as you make progress week after week.

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