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5 Things to Do About Your Injury During Covid / Corona Virus Quarantine


To start this blog off we must clear the elephant in the room: COVID-19. It has been a crazy few weeks and there is a lot of uncertainty and fear floating around. We are being told to stay inside and limit access to the outside world and to our friends and family. It’s proving to be a difficult time for society. With more people staying inside and unable to hit the gyms, parks, slopes, etc. there may be a trend of inactivity setting in. This can potentially lead to injuries with either more sitting or being more sedentary. Because of a decrease in activity there will also likely be more injuries when places start to reopen. There will be a HUGE surge of people rushing back to the gyms ready to get back at it; potentially over-doing it. The good news is there are things you can be doing right this very moment to help you with your current issues as well as prevent a future injury and keep yourself occupied in the right way during this frustrating time. 

  1. Work on mobility: Now is a great time to work on the little things that can make a huge difference in the long run. Most people don’t realize how beneficial working on joint mobility can be to increasing strength, stability, and preventing injuries. Take some time out of your day to focus on the major joints (shoulders, hips, ankles). Mobility bands work the best (you can get these from amazon). They go right around the joint itself and can be used in stretching of the joint. 
  2. Try to stick to your normal routine as best as possible: Most of us are working from home at this time but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick to a schedule. This will help aid in the transition when everything returns.  Keeping to routines will also make it more likely you stay active and get to your workouts.
  3. Workouts: This might be easy or challenging depending on the equipment you have at home, but it can always be done and it is still good to keep up with your normal fitness routine. It is a great opportunity to incorporate new styles and techniques as well. Don’t be afraid to use water bottles, paint cans, books, etc. as weight. Our Instagram and Facebook have several ideas for stretching, mobility, and strengthening interventions you can complete in the comfort of your own home!
  4. Watch posture: With many working from home all hours of the day we can tend to lose our postural control. We tend to round our shoulders and hunch forward which will force forward head posture. This makes the front of the shoulders tight and the back of the shoulders weak (thoracic region). Make sure to set your workstation at home properly to ensure you are not having to crunch over. You should take a break to stand about every 30 minutes. Think about pulling your shoulder blades down and back to create more space.
  5. MOVE!: No matter what, always remember a body in motion stays in motion. Even if this means going out for a walk with the family, doing some squats when you get up from your chair, or cleaning the house; get your booty moving. This prevents stiff joints/muscles, improves blood flow, releases endorphins….you get the point. 

It is important that although we may be kept from our favorite parks, gyms, and favorite activities, it does not mean we should REST and take it easy. It is important to listen to your body and prevent overuse, however, it is not the time to completely take off from your normal routine activities. Find a way to modify as best as you can so when the dust settles, you are ready to go!

If you feel as though you have had an injury in the past, or you just need some information about how to prevent one in the future, why not contact us today?  We invite you to ask about our free discovery visit and we look forward to assisting you with anything you may need. Remember, we’re here to help; we cannot wait to hear from you!

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